Hand Sanitizer


Unique formula allows you to use this product to rub on your hands or as a spray on surfaces. 

80% Alcohol

Why Choose Us?

E2U of Arizona is a leading industrial solutions distributor. The same company that has been producing high-end epoxy solutions for industrial and residential purposes and shifted focus to bring you hand sanitizer during a time when the market is constantly running into shortages.  E2U's commitment is to bring you high quality hand sanitizer at prices you would expect to pay for a quality product with an 80% alcohol solution. 

About Us

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E2U Hand Sanitizer is a division of Epoxy2U, a liquid polymer production & manufacturing company located in Phoenix, AZ USA.

E2U products are sourced all here within the United States, Buy American made products. !!! 

As a chemical engineering company we were able to evaluate the best hand sanitizer  solution out there and distribute a quality product at an affordable rate. 

Epoxy2U has been a leading manufacturer decorative coatings, concrete repair compounds and a wide range of chip, quartz and broadcast systems. 

The resins and other pertinent ingredients used in our coatings and pigment systems are sourced through leading manufacturers all over the globe. Our scope of products has been thoroughly proven over the years with on-site applications as well as an extensive list of satisfied customers.

We now bring you a quality hand sanitizer. 

For more on our parent company visit Epoxy2U.com



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